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KangGuo ShoppingMall-I Orange Juice Vending Machine

Equipment size (m)

1.4 (width)*0.86(depth)*2.01 (height)

Weight (KG)


Display screen

19 inch LCD touch screen


The newest squeezing core parts. Transparently squeezing juice, juice process is very interesting. The squeezing components are easy to replace, high juice rate, compatible with the diameter of 50 ~ 90mm of oranges

Loading component

Intelligently loading pallet.It can avoid orange jam. Maximum loading about 55 kg orange (can squeeze 60 cups, 320ml/cup)

35kg spare orange box

Falling cup parts

Automatic drop cups device

filtering device

Patented juice filter

Level Measurement part

Based on the capacity of the juice measurement, to ensure that each cup of juice capacity is constant

Cup sealed component

inlay the paper cup automatic sealing film machine, juice will never be overturned; unique speedy heat up sealing film machine will shut off the power after sealing the cup in order to save energy.

Sucker part

program control sucker box (automatically unlock after inserting money, and automatically lock after 30S when cup is taken.)

Cashier component support

To accept notes and changes, accept coins and change, support Alipay and WeChat;Automatically refund when faults happen

Computer part

High reliability, high performance, low power consumption IPC

3G networking component

Using the industrial grade wireless router, support Unicom WCDMA or Telecom CDMA-3G network; vending machine connect network and deliver failure information in real-time; we can monitor the vending machine through IPhone app, check the equipment condition, view the sales log and sales report in real-time.

Air conditioner component

high efficient cooling system, adjustable temperature, 350 watt power consumption on average, extremely energy saving; it applies electrically heated glass, so there will be no fog in glass. It can guarantee you a clear observation.


Beautiful and elegant outlook. It is sturdy and durable.

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Contact: Mr Kang

Phone: 13601924521

Tel: 4008208979


Add: Building 2,No.280 Che Teng road,Chedun town,Songjiang District,Shanghai,China

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