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Kanguo freshly juice vending machine obtain KC certification

In March 2018, Shanghai Kangguo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and South Korea Pyunan Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop the market of Kangguole machines in Korea. After half a year of hard work, Kangguole freshly orange juice vending machine passed strict mandatory KC certification and obtained a license to enter the Korean market. Moreover, through the cooperation and joint efforts of both parties, Kangguole freshly squeezed orange juice machine has finished localization for Korea, including: support for Korean currency, credit card used in Korea, UI and management APP in the iPhone app and the Android app for Korea.

In August 2018,the CEO of KangGuo:Mr. Kang Hao was invited to visit Seoul, and visited the Korea National Technical Standards Institute and several major customers such as: Lotte Group and son on. From September 2018, Kangguo machines will enter the Korean market in large numbers and win glory for the China!



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