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The advantages of KangGuo fresh juice vending machine vs Others

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KangGuo fresh juice vending machine

Other orange juice vending machines

The visibility of juice

The juice process is completely transparent, not only can see the fruits one by one into the juicer, but also can see the fruits dropping, squeezing and other production process. It can satisfy people's curiosity, especially for children with great attraction.

The pressing process is usually invisible. At most, the oranges dropping can be seen.

Variety of fruit juice

Kangguole Mall 3-type machine can make fresh orange and pear juice.

Only orange juice

Whether is the daily operation  convenient?

Very easy to operate daily. In particular, the total weight of the daily replacement parts of the shoppingmall-1 does not exceed 2kg. Replacement and cleaning are very easy. Easy to clean and disinfect, no health dead ends. This can save a lot of daily operating time.

To those similar orange juice vending machines, daily replacement parts are relatively bulky, usually more than ten pounds, cleaning and assembly is inconvenience.

Juice measurement mode

Supports "Level" and "Count" modes. When in the "level" mode, regardless of the size of the orange,  or dry or rich water, it can ensure the stability of fruit juice capacity. Mechanical mechanism is simple, stable and reliable.

Some similar products only support the "count" mode, so that when the orange size is different significantly, or freshness is not the same, it will result in violent fluctuations in juice capacity.

Adaptability to the size of the oranges

The oranges whose diameter is 50mm ~ 90mm can be mixed to juice.

Most of other juice VMs can only use: diameter 60mm ~ 80mm oranges. Especially when mixing oranges with significant differences in size, the stability of the machine will be seriously affected.

Drop fruit parts

Using the innovative "anti-card fruit" technology in ShoppingMall-3 or new type, eliminate oranges jammed.

" Oranges jammed " is a largest problem to juice VM. It is the most important factor to affect equipment reliability

Filter parts

Support the production of "fruit orange" (fruit juice contains flesh) and "non-fruit orange".

Juice varieties can not be adjusted.

Seal components

Using PE film to seal cup. Sealed firmly, not afraid to be knocked over. Supplies are very cheap.

Most machines use to cover a plastic cover on the top of the cup. This can not avoid juice leakage. And plastic cover is more expensive.

Falling Cup parts

Using the innovative "fallingcup" technology, rarely happen droping cup failure.


payment method

Full support: accept notes and notes change, accept coins and coin change. Support Alipay and Webpay; Support for VISA/MASTER/American Express/DisCovery credit card. Squeezing failure can be automatically refunded.


Machine reliability

The machine is stable and reliable.



SGS/CE/CSA Certification, Can be exported to the EU and North America etc.





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